Steve`s contribution to community can be when compared with that of that guy who found wheel. He is a role model for the upcoming generation of business owner coming. Steve dropped out of Reed College after six weeks of study, however stayed close to the school campus for up coming 18 months. He said in an interview the reason he dropped out of university, as they could not view value in college education and learning and he did`nt know what is going to do in his life and how college education is going to help him in reaching it. And so he stop his college study. The periods after that are not fruitful one he didn`t even had a shelter and slept on floor in friends?room. He taken his livelihood by collecting cola bottles for five cents as well as go around Eight miles weekly to have a good meal at Hare Krishna temple. In an age of Twelve he was offered as summer intern by the HP boss Hewlett Packard.